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Technical information about ISO 639 language code fr

Technical information about fr language code (French) is available below.

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Related locale codes

fr-BE French (Belgium)

fr-BF French (Burkina Faso)

fr-BI French (Burundi)

fr-BJ French (Benin)

fr-BL French (Saint Barthélemy)

fr-CA French (Canada)

fr-CD French (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

fr-CF French (Central African Republic)

fr-CG French (Congo)

fr-CH French (Switzerland)

fr-CI French (Côte d'Ivoire)

fr-CM French (Cameroon)

fr-DJ French (Djibouti)

fr-DZ French (Algeria)

fr-FR French (France)

fr-GA French (Gabon)

fr-GF French (French Guiana)

fr-GN French (Guinea)

fr-GP French (Guadeloupe)

fr-GQ French (Equatorial Guinea)

fr-HT French (Haiti)

fr-KM French (Comoros)

fr-LU French (Luxembourg)

fr-MA French (Morocco)

fr-MC French (Monaco)

fr-MF French (Saint Martin)

fr-MG French (Madagascar)

fr-ML French (Mali)

fr-MQ French (Martinique)

fr-MR French (Mauritania)

fr-MU French (Mauritius)

fr-NC French (New Caledonia)

fr-NE French (Niger)

fr-PF French (French Polynesia)

fr-PM French (Saint Pierre and Miquelon)

fr-RE French (Réunion)

fr-RW French (Rwanda)

fr-SC French (Seychelles)

fr-SN French (Senegal)

fr-SY French (Syria)

fr-TD French (Chad)

fr-TG French (Togo)

fr-TN French (Tunisia)

fr-VU French (Vanuatu)

fr-WF French (Wallis and Futuna)

fr-YT French (Mayotte)

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