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How to keep track of translated words per each translator

Localizely allows you to track the activity of your translators. The Statistics page gives you insight into which translator translated how many words into which language, and when. Translators also have access to their statistics, so you can base your payment on these transparent data.

How to use Translation Statistics

Statistics are accessible from the project menu.

Statistics menu item

When opened, the Statistics page shows the numbers for all languages, by all contributors, for the last 7 days.

Note: The word count is based on the source translation from the main language. Numbers and symbols are counted as a word. Please be aware that only new translations will be counted. Updates to already existing translations will not be counted again.

Translation statistics for all languages

You can change statistics by filtering:

  • All or a specific language.
  • All or a specific contributor.
  • Date range. You can use predefined date ranges, or select a custom range of up to 60 days.

If filtered by one language, the graph shows aggregated words count translated by the user, by Machine Translation (MT), and by Translation Orders.

Translation statistics for one language

The summarized report for the selected period is shown in a table.

Translation statistics summary

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