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Machine Translation

What is Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) is automated translation. It is the process by which computer software is used to translate a text from one natural language (such as English) to another (such as German).

While Machine Translation is generally not a recommended translation method, it’s useful in some cases. For instance, if you want to translate something in conjunction with human post-edit, or if you have a lot of non-customer content.

Localizely uses Amazon Translate as a Machine Translation provider.

How to use Machine Translation

Machine Translation is enabled in Localizely by default. You can use it to fill up missing translations for certain string keys. Machine translated texts get unreviewed state.

Machine Translation (MT) button

When you register, you get 2000 characters for Machine Translation usage. However, MT characters are not free of charge (providers like Amazon Translate charge for its usage). If you need more, the project owner just needs to go to his billing page and press buy more button.

Note: while MT works well by keeping placeholders and HTML code in translations, it is disabled for plurals and ICU (genders, selects) formats.


Contributors on the project always use MT characters from the project owner account. By default, only the project owners and admins can use MT. You can always enable MT for translators on the project Settings page.

Project settings machine translation