Translation Memory



The Translation Memory (TM) automatically remembers the reviewed translations and offers them for you in other projects. This feature is very useful if you are working on more than one software translation project. Reusing existing translations makes them consistent and also reduces translation expenses.

There are two ways to view translation memory entries:
  1. The translation suggestions are displayed automatically when you edit translation fields. Only suggestions that match 50% or more with the main language translation are shown.
    Translation Memory suggestions
  2. You can search translations in the Translation Memory manually. On Translations page click on the button for more options and select Search in TM.
    Translation Memory search

Translation Memory management

When you create an account, you automatically get Default Translation Memory created, which is by default linked to all projects you own.
Additionally, you can create multiple Translation Memories, and link them independently to each of your projects.

Translation Memory menu
Translation Memory list

As an owner, you can import TMX files into your Translation Memory from other tools you might have used.

Setting up TM in the project settings

Project admins can select multiple Translation Memories to be used in a project. Also, admins can choose in what Translation Memory to store newly reviewed translations in the project.

Translation Memory project settings

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