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Frequently asked questions

How to start using Localizely?

You need to create an account, and a Sample Project will be automatically created. You can explore Localizely through that Sample Project or you can create a new project from scratch. If you have existing translations, you can start importing them, or start by adding string keys and translations from scratch. You can localize up to 250 string keys for free. For more translations, you can upgrade to one of our plans.
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Can Localizely be used as a self-hosted software?

For now Localizely is available only as a software as a service. We do not offer self-hosted options.

Can I search for words in string keys or in translations?

Yes, there is a search bar in the top right corner on Translations page, which allows you to search for whatever you need, in the string keys and translations of that specific project.

How can I upgrade my plan?

Under user menu on top right side, you can find link to My Billing page. There you can see your current Account plan and once your initial Trial plan expires you will see Upgrade button.

How do I remove my account?

As a logged in user, go to My Profile page under user menu on top right corner. On a given page there is Danger zone card where you can remove your account permanently. Be aware that all data linked to your account and projects you own, will not be able to restore after that step.

Who are the project contributors?

The contributors can be split into 2 main groups, Administrators and Translators.


Adminitrators can make changes related to string keys, to manage languages and to manage other contributors for the project.


Translators are the people that only translate strings in your Localizely project. They can be assigned languages with read-only permission, primarily for a reference language needs, and can be assigned languages that they can write and update.

How many contributors can I add to one project?

You can add as many contributors as you want.

How do I find contributors to translate a project?

For now you have to bring your own contributors.

What permissions I can give to a contributor?

You can give different permissions per language for each contributor you add to a project. So that each contributor can only have read-only access for reference languages, and write access for languages to which they will contribute.

What localization files are supported by Localizely

You can Import and Export your translations in Localizely project in following formats:

  • Flutter ARB (.arb)
  • Android Resources (.xml)
  • Apple Strings (.strings)
  • Apple Stringsdict (.stringsdict)
  • Rails Yaml (.yaml, .yml)
  • Flat JSON (.json)
  • Java Properties (.properties)
  • .NET Resources (.resx).

We constantly work on adding support for new file formats as well.

How can I know how many ``string keys`` and projects I already have?

Under My Billing page you can find how many string keys and projects you currently have, and what is the limit for translations number for your current account plan.

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