Supported file formats

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Localizely supports localization for various different programming languages – such as Java, Swift, Objective C, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and many more.

Supported file formats

  • Flutter ARB (.arb)
    Application Resource Bundle files for Flutter app localization.
  • Gettext PO (.po, .pot)
    “Portable Object” files for localization with Gettext tool.
  • Android Resources (.xml)
    String Resource XML files for Android mobile app localization.
  • Apple Strings (.strings)
    Localizable.strings files for iOS app localization.
  • Apple Stringsdict (.stringsdict)
    Localizable.stringsdict files for iOS app localization.
  • Angular XLIFF (.xlf)
    XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) for Angular localization.
  • Key-Value JSON (.json)
    Supported flat json structure, without nested attributes.
    As such it is used in many frameworks, especially in Javascript world, like i18next.
  • Java Properties (.properties)
    Standard Java properties files with .properties file extension.
  • Ruby on Rails YAML (.yml)
    YAML file format for Ruby on Rails applications.
  • .NET Resources (.resx)
    Resources.resx files for .NET localization.
  • CSV files (.csv)
    Comma-separated values format for spreadsheets.
  • Excel files (.xls, .xlsx)
    Spreadsheets (older Excel format) and Excel Workbooks (Excel 2007 and later versions) formats.
  • Translation Memory Exchange (.tmx)
    Industry-standard file format for Translation Memory.

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We add new formats on a regular basis. If the format you use is not in the list, contact us.

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