Excel file (.xls, .xlsx)


Localizely can help you to streamline the translation management via Excel files.
Either if your app requires strings in that format, or you just need to organize offline translations with your translators.

Localizely currently support Spreadsheets (.xls) and Excel Workbooks (.xlsx). The latter is the default format in Excel 2007 and later versions.

Plural forms are supported (check sample below).


Before upload, you need to make sure that the Excel file you are about to localize has three columns, representing string key, translation, and description (optional), respectively. Especially when uploading via API.

When uploading an Excel file via Web Console it is a bit more flexible. A preview of the file will be shown where you can define how to treat each column.

Excel file import preview


Project translations are downloaded always with the same columns (string key, translation, and description).

Excel file usage for offline translation

Sometimes, you want to translate your content offline. For instance, you don’t want to invite translators of your translation agency to your Localizely project due to privacy reasons.

In such a case, you can download translations in Excel format for the main language and send them to translators. Once they return translated content, you just upload them to Localizely to the target language.

Excel sample file

Excel sample file

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