Getting started

Welcome to Localizely! We're so glad you're here. Let's get started!

This guide will explain how you can use our platform for a more efficient localization process.

Step 1: Log into our platform

Create a Localizely account and log in to the platform.
Once you sign up, we create a Sample Project for you, so you can explore and get more familiar with Localizely.

Step 2: Create a Project

After logging in, go to My Projects page, and tap “+” button. Give your project a name, and select a base language you want to start with.

Step 3: Upload your files or add new keys

Upload your localization file to Localizely. Go to Upload page for your project, select your file and import preferences, and tap Upload button.
Alternatively, you can do it the other way – start by adding keys in Localizely first.

Here is a full list of file formats that Localizely supports.

Step 4: Invite team members

Localization work usually requires a team of contributors. Go to the Contributors section by clicking the side menu item and start adding team mambers. Team members can be granted admin privileges which means they have the same rights on the project as you. If a user is not an admin, you can specify per-language access to the project specifying some languages as reference (read-only) or contributable (read and update). Only admins have access to key modification, uploading, downloading, settings, branching, etc.

Step 5: Start translating

Translation work is done in Translations page for your project, which you can find in side menu. There you can change translations, review them or exchange comments with your team members.

Step 6: Download files

Go to Download page for your project and select downloading format you need. Click Download to get the file. Then move downloaded file into your project source code replacing the existing localization, that’s it.

Tired of manually editing translation files?

Our platform streamlines software localization for you.

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