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Localizely offers integration with Gengo translation provider which can help with translating your app or website into the most popular languages.

Gengo network is made up of over 21,000 translators who are tested and qualified to meet the standards. Translators are based around the world and in every timezone, which enables us to support over 38 languages.

As a project owner or admin you can order human translations directly from your Localizely account. Pay from $0.06 per word.
Gengo translators will not have direct access to your Localizely project, however, they will have access to:

  • String key description
  • Max length of the translation (if set for the string key)
  • Screenshots linked to the string key (if set for the string key)

Note: Once translations are delivered, you have 120 hours to request corrections, if that is needed.

Let’s get started

Go to the Translation Orders page.

Translation orders icon

Click on the New order button to create an order for the currently selected project.

Source language

Select the source language.

Translation order source language

Target languages

Select one or more target languages. Only languages supported by Gengo will be offered in the drop-down list.

Translation order target languages

Include in order

  • Untranslated strings – Only strings that do not have translations in the target language
  • All strings – All strings in the target language

Filter by tags

You can further filter selected string keys by including only those that have given tags.

Translation order tags filter

Translation quality

  • Standard – Translator who passed Gengo’s Standard level test. Best for casual content.
  • Advanced – Translator who passed Gengo’s more rigorous, Advanced level test. Best for content requiring more accuracy.

Order summary

This section shows the number of string keys per each target language, and the exact pricing for the order. For very small orders translations can be delivered within a few hours.

Translation order summary

Once translations are delivered from translators, you (orderer) will get an email notification.

Reviewing translation

When you get the notification that translation is completed, you can review it.

Translation order comments

If you are not satisfied with the translation, within 120 hours you can request correction via translation order comments.

Note: Since those are human translators there is a limit of max 3 correction requests.

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