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How does the hreflang checker work?

The hreflang checker simplifies the process of verifying the hreflang configuration on your website. To use it, all you need to do is enter the URL of the page you would like to analyze, and optionally, select a user agent from a drop-down list. After scanning the URL, the hreflang checker will display the detected hreflang tags. It also provides other useful information, including the status code, indexability, returned hreflang(s), and any errors identified during the check.

What benefits can I get from the hreflang checker?

The hreflang checker brings numerous advantages. Its greatest benefit lies in automating tasks that are typically done manually. These tasks include verifying bidirectional links, ensuring alternate pages are available and indexable, among other things. In addition to automating these routine tasks, the tool also provides useful tips to help you create a more effective hreflang configuration. It also conducts checks that could easily be overlooked during manual inspection, but are crucial for a correct hreflang setup and for better SEO.

What's the role of the user-agent option in hreflang checker?

The hreflang checker's user-agent feature is designed to recreate the way various search engine bots explore a webpage. Basically, it allows you to preview how your website might perform under the scrutiny of different search engine bots. It also helps you to ensure that your server can properly respond to the selected user-agent.

Do I need to inspect the hreflang configuration for every single page?

It's generally advisable to review the hreflang configuration for every multi-language page on your website. However, much of this process can be simplified with automation. Tools like the hreflang checker can automate most tasks, such as checking bidirectional linking, indexing, status codes, and more.

Is the hreflang checker capable of detecting the absence of the x-default hreflang?

Yes, the hreflang checker can detect if the x-default hreflang tag is missing, and if so, it provides a helpful hint. Although it's not mandatory to use the x-default hreflang tag, it's still recommended. This tag guides search engines such as Google to show the most suitable version of your webpage to users whose language preferences are not covered by the other hreflang tags.

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