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A glossary is a set of words or phrases together with their definitions and translations, that are important to your brand and company. The common use case is to define brand names, industry-specific terms, and homonyms so your translators have clear instructions. Besides that, it helps with translating the words in the same way, every time. Adding details to a term can improve quality and consistency in your translations and reduces the guesswork.

Once used in the main translation, it tells your translators which terms should be translated and how:

Glossary term suggestion

All your contributors can access the whole glossary assigned to the project, but only administrators will be able to manage the terms.

View glossary option

Setting up glossary

As a project owner, you can create glossaries for your projects.

Glossaries user menu

On the Project Settings page, administrators can assign the glossary.

Glossary project settings

Sometimes more than one project relies on the same terms. In such cases, you can use the same, shared glossary for your projects. Note that shared glossaries are available in a Gold plan.

Managing glossary terms

When adding or editing terms you can define whether they should have translations or they should be the same for all languages.

Glossary add term

You can also mark terms that you consider case-sensitive, so your translators see that while translating. For example, “PNG” should not be written as “png”.

Importing and exporting glossary

The owner may export or import glossary terms in CSV format by pressing the Export or Import button on the Glossaries page.

When uploading a CSV file, please follow these rules:

  • The file has to contain a header row.
  • The first columns in your file should be term, description, case_sensitive, translatable
  • The column case_sensitive and translatable can have either true or false values.
  • The next column headers must be the language ISO code as defined in your glossary (e.g. de or en-US).

Here is an example of a valid .csv file:

Glossary CSV file sample

When uploading a CSV file, all existing terms that match will be updated. However, if some languages are skipped or empty in your CSV file, then the corresponding term translations will be left intact.

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