Translation Editor

Powerful and simple to use Translation Editor.

Table view for translations

Table view provides powerful but easy to use overview of translations. To start translating, simply click on text input and enter your translation in the selected language.

Translation table

Translation search

In case you have hundreds or thousands of strings in your project you can easily search those that you need right now. It will find those strings by matching search term in the string key definition or in any shown language translation.


Sometimes you want to see only those untranslated strings, or those not reviewed, that need your attention before going live with your new app version. Or you might want to filter translations by the task you created for your translators or to check status of professional translation order you made through Localizely platform.


Translation editor assist you with translation editing. Provides syntax highlighting for placeholders, marks texts that should not be translated, and assist you with ICU messages that can get complex.

Translation editor

Key description

Add more context to your string keys by writing textual description or by attaching your app screenshots. It will help your translators to provide better translation that match your needs.

Key description and screenshot

Quality checks

You get notified when your translation has some errors or warnings. It can be unreviewed translation, or when translation exceeds the length defined for the string key.

Translation warning for exceeded length

Translation Memory

The Translation Memory (TM) automatically remembers the reviewed translations and offers them for you in other projects. This feature is very useful if you are working on more than one project. Reusing existing translations makes them consistent and also reduces translation expenses.

Translation Memory suggestions

Glossary suggestions

A glossary is a set of words or phrases together with their definitions and translations, that are important to your brand and company. Once used in the main translation, it tells your translators which terms should be translated and how:

Glossary term suggestion

Machine translation

You can use it to fill up missing translations for certain languages. While Machine Translation is generally not a recommended translation method, it's useful in some cases. For instance, if you want to translate something in conjunction with human post-edit, or if you have a lot of non-customer content.

Machine Translation (MT) button

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