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How It Works

Continuous localization for Apps

Developers work on new features

• Firstly developers create new string keys and sometimes remove existing keys.
• They usually use just one locale for the implementation phase.
• Upload translation files to Localizely, manually, via REST API or GitHub integration.
• As a result string keys changes are synced with Localizely.

Managers & Translators

• Your translation team translates new string keys into remaining languages.
• Translators have access to only assigned languages so they focus on their work.
• With Localizely they fill the missing translations.
• Somebody reviews changes so you safely proceed to build phase.

Build & release your App

• Update your git repo by manually downloading translation files.
• Or automate that step with Localizely API, GitHub integration, or custom scripts.
• You are now good to build a new App version and release it for all your markets.