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April 19, 2022localization

Translation management system: What is TMS? 13 functionalities

What is a translation management system?

Translation management system (TMS) is a platform designed to organize your translations and localization from the ground up all the way until you are ready to launch your product, and even above.

TMS will make your implementation cycles and releases of your product in different languages much faster because of all in built functionalities.

This is also known as translation management software, a translation management platform, or a translation project management system (because it allows collaboration on language localization).

All the names represent the same thing: a web-based translation management system built for business growth. πŸš€

Functionalities of a translation management system

Some of the key advantages of translation management software include:

1. Translation Memory

Translation Memory (TM) is a database of your previously translated texts. Every time you review your translation and mark it as correct, the source text and the translated part are stored in your translation memory.

Translation Memory (TM) example English to German in Localizely translation management system

This is especially useful when you translate often from one language to another, to avoid repetitive tasks, and to stay up to date with your translations.

We know it all depends on context. However, sometimes we do have some phrases that we would like to stay the same across all the app translations and documentation.

This feature will help you do exactly that and to do it fast.

2. Integrations with translation management system

Translation management tools have integrations with other tools. This is very useful for cross-functioning in your work.

Integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Slack, and other can easily connect a translation management system inside your already organized parts of the workflow and enhance the translation workflow.

3. Support for a variety of localization files

This one is very relevant for programmers because usually, they are the ones that upload the localization files for project and localization managers and/or translators.

Every translation management software has its own list of supported localization files.

Check out Localizely list of supported files.

4. Branching/product versions

In the fast-changing market, we have to make constant changes and act fast. This branching feature will help you a lot with this!

For every product version, you can create a branch, and change your translations knowing exactly what happened in which version.

To learn more check out our Project Branching page.

We in Localizely are especially proud of this feature of our translation management system.

It is developed keeping in mind simplicity of use and your needs for organizing software versioning.

Example of Project Branching versioning solution in Localizely TMS

5. Over the Air in translation management systems

Cloud-based translation management systems have one big advantage for launching your product updates faster, and we all know how often we update these days ο»ΏπŸ™‚ο»Ώ

Over the Air functionality allows you to update your translations on the fly. This means you will be able to upload updated translations of your app without the need to wait for Google Play or App Store approval.

6. Cloud-based systems

Translation management software helps you have a big database of corresponding words and phrases in different languages.

Cloud technology helps teams leverage large amounts of storage without the added costs of onsite infrastructure. All assets regarding translations are in one system.

We store translation data for you, and we have a secure spot for it.

7. Glossaries

You have specific terms that you do not want to change, maybe you want that they are untranslatable across all the languages? You need a glossary for this.

If you need a specific term for your industry explained in detail to translators in one place - use a glossary.

About Glossary settings in Localizely check this Glossary section.

8. Integrated Machine/Automated Translation

When you subscribe to some translation management system, you will have the possibility to use machine translation.

Different translation management systems have different machine translation providers.

Localizely supports Google Translate and Amazon Translate.

You can translate in bulk with automated translations or one-by-one text fields with one click. Machine Translation inside of translation management platforms has a limited number of characters, which depends on the plan that you purchased.

Machine Translation (MT) or automated translation

Automated translation tools are free, but to integrate them into platforms, businesses must pay.

How Localizely solves this check Machine Translation (MT).

9. Translation ordering in minutes

You can order translations inside the translation management platforms. How does this go?

Your developer uploads the localization files. You can order from different providers available in the translation management system (Localizely supports Gengo).

You get the exact price quote and time estimate for your translation, and the magic happens - in one click you order.

Example of translation ordering in Localizely

10. Collaboration

The most intuitive part of translation management systems is the option to add collaborators to your project. You have different roles inside the translation management platforms like Admin, Translator, etc.

Every role has a different level of access. This makes collaboration much easier.

11. Reporting and Statistics

This feature is tied to collaboration. Reports and Statistics make the collaboration measured, and give you an overview in a glimpse of where you stand with the translation process.

Using the Reports and Statistics, you can make a much more accurate time estimate.

How this works in Localizely, check Reports and Statistics.

12. API

Application Programming Interface (API) access will help the development team to connect your project with the translation management system.

This is especially important for code repositories such as GitHub.

API will integrate localization into any development pipeline.

13. Language support

TMS usually has an extensive list of supported languages, here is Localizely list of supported languages.

Not so long time ago, we got an interesting query from our subscriber to add the possibility to create a non-existent language, like one from Star Wars. Stay tuned ο»ΏπŸ™‚ο»Ώ

How TMS can help you?

Translation management platforms can help you by organizing your translation and localization workflow.

You will do the software localization and translation updates in a much faster and more organized way!

A translation management system will give you:

  • scalability,
  • automation,
  • simplicity,
  • and better collaboration.

This system will increase content quality and consistency, and it will give you a sense of effortless localization and translation with all the functionalities inside the system.

Translation management system will help you automate, implement and scale

Use of translation management system in your day to day work

Use case of one day at work with translation management platform:

  • Developer uploads localization files (in minutes), with screenshots.
  • The number of questions about context decreased significantly. You have one text box for every string.
  • Quality of your translation increases, because you have a better context.
  • Developers' manual work decreased multiple times, no need for Excel tables.
  • In statistics, the localization/project manager gets an overview of where your project translation stands.Β 
  • You can use machine translation with one click or you can outsource translation (with instant price quote) inside the platform in minutes, with a time estimate of when the translation will be done.
  • With Over the air translation update, you can update your translation without waiting for Google Play or App Store approval. This will make your update process a lot faster
  • When a translation is complete, the developer downloads it and uploads it in his code with one code line
  • Publish to the end-users

This is a short and simplified version of the use case of translation management software.

For more check How it works page.


Translation management systems are designed to make your work easier.

They help you organize and improve the quality and speed of your translation and localization process, so do enjoy them and use them. ο»ΏπŸ™‚ο»Ώ

Do not forget to check all these features in your search for the most suitable translation management system for your work.

Next steps: Try the translation management system for free

You can try Localizely for free for 15 days, no card is needed.

Unlock all the features and check if this is for you! We would be glad to assist you through our technical support or to hear your feedback.

If you are searching for translation management software for open source projects Localizely is free of charge. Check the requirements - translation management software open source.

Good luck! And do not forget to automate and scale your work. πŸš€


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