August 31, 2022localization

Everything you need to know about software localization

Software localization is a complex process of translation and adaptation of the product to a completely new market.

August 25, 2022localization

A structured guide to localization strategies

Use this structured guide to localization strategies to thrive with your software localization...

July 29, 2022localizationmanagementtranslation

What are translation management systems, and how you can use them

Learn what are translation management systems and how you can use them to organize your translation projects and improve delivery.

May 09, 2022localization

Localization manager - understanding the role

What are daily tasks of localization manager? How to become one, and how to be one of the best? Which tools should you use? And why businesses need them...

March 29, 2022localizationcoding

Flutter localization: step-by-step

Having one codebase for Android and iOS app sounds attractive. In the past we didn’t have a great experience doing that, but lately, Flutter is attacking that problem in its own way. However, if you build an app for different markets, you will most likely ...

March 24, 2022localization

Internationalization (i18n) vs Localization (l10n) - What is the difference?

Internationalization vs localization differences, examples and benefits. Why are they important for every business that wants to thrive faster? ...

January 31, 2021localizationcodingtranslation

Quick Guide to ICU Message Format

This article explains what is ICU message format, why it exists and how too use ICU message for text formatting. ...

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