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Serbian belongs to the Indo-European language family, falling specifically within the Slavic and South Slavic subgroups. It is the official language of Serbia and one of the three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, alongside Bosnian and Croatian. It also enjoys co-official status in Montenegro. Serbian employs two scripts, Cyrillic and Latin, both of which are equally recognized. While government and official institutions in Serbia generally prefer the Cyrillic script, the Latin script is widely used as well, especially in tech-related sectors and in regions with ethnically diverse populations. It is estimated that Serbian has around 10 million speakers worldwide.

Language presence globally

*The graph shows a rough estimate of Serbian speakers in countries where it is an official or minority language.

Related locale codes

sr-Cyrl Serbian (Cyrillic)

sr-Cyrl-BA Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

sr-Cyrl-ME Serbian (Cyrillic, Montenegro)

sr-Cyrl-RS Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)

sr-Latn Serbian (Latin)

sr-Latn-BA Serbian (Latin, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

sr-Latn-ME Serbian (Latin, Montenegro)

sr-Latn-RS Serbian (Latin, Serbia)

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