What should the workflow look like between developers and translators when localizing a React app?

When localizing a React app, it's important to have a clear workflow between developers and translators. The development and translation phases should be independent of each other, but there should be collaboration throughout the lifetime of the app, as parts of the app will change, new pages will be created, and so on.

To facilitate this collaboration, it's important to use a tool for managing localization messages like Localizely. Translators often don't have a deep understanding of the syntax of localization files, so a tool that provides context and collaboration features can be very helpful. With Localizely, translators can see comments from the developers, screenshots that provide context where the text is used, and easily communicate with developers while translating texts.

By using a tool like Localizely, developers and translators can work together effectively to ensure that the app is properly localized and that translations are accurate and consistent.

React internationalization tutorial:

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