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IDE plugins for simplified Flutter internationalization (i18n)

There is a lot of custom localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n) attempts for Flutter, that might look ok at first sight. But we suggest you stick to the official Intl library. It has full support for many common features, like placeholders, plural, gender, etc…

In our article Flutter localization: step-by-step we explained how you can implement localization from scratch with the Intl library. Since it requires few extra steps to do it on your own, in this article we will share with you our IDE plugins to get rid of writing any boilerplate code by yourself.

Flutter i18n plugins

In order to make Flutter internationalization as simple as possible we published the following IDE plugins:

Full usage documentation is available on given links for each plugin.

These plugins help developers to just add key-value pairs to ARB file in their project, and immediately use those keys in their Dart code, with auto-complete support. No need to write any boilerplate code for localization.

Team members on the same project sometimes use different IDEs. The plugins are configured inside the project’s pubspec.yaml file. As a result, you can use it from all popular IDEs for Flutter at the same time.

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