Aleksa Krstic
Aleksa Krstic
July 21, 2023
3 min read
July 21, 2023
3 min read

Quick and easy ARB file editing with an ARB file editor

Quick and easy ARB file editing with an ARB file editor

ARB (Application Resource Bundle) is a file format commonly used in the localization of Flutter applications. Although the structure of this file format is relatively simple, manually editing such files can pose challenges, particularly for non-technical individuals. Errors can easily happen, both in syntax and structure. Thankfully, there are tools designed to make the editing of ARB files easier, minimizing the likelihood of common mistakes and providing additional functionalities that can improve the quality of your work. This article will discuss the benefits of these tools. So, let's get started.

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The benefits of using an ARB file editor

In today's rapidly evolving digital world, manually doing tasks that could be automated isn't the most efficient way to work. Furthermore, manual editing can result in costly mistakes and lengthen the work procedure. To better understand why tools specifically designed for editing Flutter ARB files are beneficial, we've outlined some key insights below:

  • Making editing accessible to all: ARB is a file format specifically designed for localization purposes. Although it does not have a complex structure, it can seem complicated to people without a tech background. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you edit these files without any problems, regardless of your technical knowledge.

  • Reducing the possibility of errors: Manual editing of ARB files can lead to various issues such as incorrect syntax, forgotten quotation marks, or invalid file structures. Automating this process with ARB file editing tools significantly lowers the probability of such errors.

  • Simplified search and update functions: The growth in ARB file sizes can make it difficult to find and modify certain text pieces. User-friendly ARB file editors have been developed to simplify this process, enabling you to find and update text more directly and quickly.

  • Verifying placeholder syntax: ARB file editors can execute syntax checks on placeholders in localization messages, significantly reducing the potential for errors.

  • Additional capabilities: ARB file editors come equipped with a variety of additional tools, including Machine Translation, Translation Memory, Glossary, Screenshots, among others, to streamline the editing process.

Editing ARB files with Localizely

Here, we'll demonstrate an easy-to-follow procedure to edit your ARB files with Localizely. This approach will enable you to fully leverage all the benefits we've mentioned above.

Upload ARB file for editing

To upload your ARB files, go to the Upload page. Drop your file into the marked area, and hit the 'Upload' button.

Localizely upload ARB file

Edit ARB file

Go to the Translations page to start editing your ARB file. Feel free to adjust your content as you like: manually, through Machine Translation, or by delegating the task to team members or professional translators.

Localizely translate ARB file

Furthermore, you can easily access and update metadata from your ARB files. This includes descriptions, placeholders, examples, and other related items.

Localizely key optional attributes

Download edited ARB files

Once editing is done, go to the Download page. Here, you'll be able to download your ARB files with just a single click.

Localizely download ARB files

Final thoughts

In this post, we've explained how using an ARB editing tool like Localizely can significantly improve your editing procedures. We've covered important factors to consider when comparing manual editing to using specialized tools. Plus, we've showcased how straightforward it is to edit your ARB files with Localizely, and the benefits it brings.

Localizely is a localization platform that helps you edit your Flutter ARB files. It offers a wide array of features for software localization tasks. Plus, Localizely offers a free plan (no credit card required) suitable for smaller projects and is entirely free for open-source projects. Try Localizely today and experience all the benefits it brings.

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Aleksa Krstic
Aleksa Krstic

Aleksa is a Software Engineer at Localizely. Over the past few years, Aleksa has been working in the field of software localization. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and writing tech posts.

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