ISO 15924 script code: Hluw

Technical information about ISO 15924 script code Hluw

Technical information about the script code Hluw can be found below.

ISO code


ISO numeric code




Anatolian Hieroglyphs (Luwian Hieroglyphs, Hittite Hieroglyphs)


Anatolian Hieroglyphs

Text direction


Anatolian Hieroglyphs, also known as Luwian or Hittite Hieroglyphs, represent a script indigenous to ancient Anatolia, prominently used by the Hittite and Luwian civilizations, around 1400-700 BCE. Predominantly occurring in Turkey and Syria, these glyphs are engraved on stone monuments and illustrate the Luwian language. The Unicode Consortium has allocated a block for Anatolian Hieroglyphs in the Unicode Standard, allowing modern digital devices to display them. The originator of the script is unknown, and it remains a vital subject of research for deciphering ancient Anatolian civilization narratives.

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